Bekah (Series 2)

Leaf & Loft Studio, Lancaster, PA

Bekah is not only being a great model and photographer, but also an amazing and kind person who selflessly seeks to build community among creatives. This shoot was the result of her efforts to organize a meet up between Central PA models and photographers. I am so thankful that she included me. I met many talented photographers and models, and we had tons of fun! Thanks, Bekah, for being such a big supporter of my work!

Our meetup and shoot started at the stunningly gorgeous Leaf & Loft photo studio. I was really excited to work in this space as this was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to capture studio portraits with a backdrop. The natural sunlight int he space was amazing!

After we left the studio, we had some time to explore Lancaster. We found a few great spots for more portraits! Thank you, Bekah!

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