Enzo, Sal & Rocco

Enzo, Sal & Rocco
Lancaster, PA

Enzo (gray tabby), Sal (bicolor tabby), and Rocco (tuxedo) are three rescued cats saved by a family in Lancaster, PA. These three boys are a loving, cuddly bunch, but each has their own unique personality. Enzo is the “elder” of the tribe at just three years old. He is quiet and reserved, but is quick to play once Rocco or Sal make the first move. Rocco is the shyest of the boys. He interacts best with people who have a quiet and calm presence. Once you’ve been invited into Rocco’s inner circle, you’ll be rewarded with warm snuggles, loud purrs, and playful chirps. Sal is the silliest and the youngest. He loves to play with Enzo and Rocco and also humans. Sal loves clowning around and posing for portraits!

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