Hugh is 3: The Masten Family

Hugh + The Masten Family
Dewey Beach, DE

This was my third year capturing Hugh’s birthday photos at the beach! It’s a treat every time. Each year there is a new theme based on his interests. Year one was Curious George, year two was construction vehicles (particularly dump trucks), and now, year three brings Toy Story and his favorite character Buzz Lightyear! Hugh loves to imitate Buzz while enthusiastically shouting “To infinity and beyond!” and raising his arms to ‘fly’ off (run). Of course, I asked him to do this a few times during our photo session.

At Hugh’s request, we stayed up on the sand, far away from the water. At this point, which was early in the week, Hugh was not yet ready to face the water, but he came around later and loved it! Without prompting, Hugh also struck a number of perfectly adorable poses. I think he knows how cute he is! After the beach, we walked across the street to the pier for some fun family photos! Thank you, Hugh!

For fun, here is Hugh at 1 and 2 years old!

And, here are some candid captures from Funland at Rehoboth Beach!

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