Hugh is 4: The Masten Family

Hugh is 4: The Masten Family
Columbia, PA

I have an annual tradition with Hugh and his family to capture his birthday photo. Normally we do it on the sands of Dewey Beach, but COVID-19 changed our plans. Thankfully, we found a beautiful spot in Columbia, PA along the Susquehanna River to continue our tradition. It may not be the beach, but it still fits in nicely with his other annual birthday photos!

Each year, Hugh also has a special, themed t-shirt. This year’s theme was Star Wars. Hugh is very excited to watch Star Wars this year, and while it will be his first time see the movie, he already know all the characters’ names. At the time of this shoot, Hugh had also just discovered the movie Despicable Me. He is obsessed with his new, talking Minion Tim plush!

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