Hingework Studio, Lancaster, PA

LeAnna is an artist and model based in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area. For this session, we rented the gorgeous, light-filled Hingework studio. Simple props and tasteful lingerie helped to create classic, beauty-style images. Clean white walls and large windows make the Hingework space a perfect spot for a range of studio photography. You can always request Hingework for your own session with Chris Corrao: Stories & Portraits!

Because Hingework’s space is simple and clean, it’s like a blank canvas ready to provide whatever you need it to. Time passes quickly as you never run out of ideas. A great way to use the space is to prepare wardrobe changes for multiple styles within the same session.

The studio can also be as dark as it can be light! Using the strong sunlight bleeding through the windows and turning off the camera flash, dark, dramatic photographs can be captured. I love the contrast above of purposefully opposed light and dark versions of the same image—like a yin yang.

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