Lily’s First Birthday

Lily’s First Birthday
Lancaster, PA

Lily celebrated her first birthday with at home with close family and friends. The main event was a smash cake! The cake was lovingly made by her aunt and cousin and decorated has the CoComelon watermelon character. The cake matched the overall CoComelon party theme. Lily always tastes new food with apprehension—just a little taste first, followed by inspection of the food, then it’s time to dig in! The cake was no exception. The uncertainty was written on her face, but she scooped up a fingerful of icing immediately. After a quick taste, it was game on. There’s no question that Lily loved her first taste of a sugary dessert!

A special CoComelon photo backdrop was used to capture memories of Lily with each of her guests. Photobooths are a great addition to birthday parties and other celebrations. It’s an easy way to save memories and provide a favor for guests.

Happy Birthday Lily!

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