The Lowder New Homes Team

Staff Headshots, Lowder New Homes
Mount Joy, PA

Lowder New Homes, based in Montgomery, Alabama, specializes in building quality homes. Founded in 1956 they have earned a reputation for customer satisfaction, quality workmanship, and community building for nearly 70 years. Family owned and operated, Lowder New Homes is one of the largest homebuilders in the state.

The company sought to take new headshots and group photos of its leadership, builders, agents, and staff to update their website. I captured portraits of Alyssa, Estimator, and Shauna, Drafting & Design, in Mount Joy, PA. This shoot had an interesting challenge. We needed to take photos locally in PA that would match the style of photos taken of the rest of the team and with a backdrop that could match the Alabama-based neighborhood the other photos were taking place in. We worked together to find the perfect spot with a white brick building that could match the southern charm of Lowder’s new neighborhood.

To learn more about Lowder New Homes, visit their website.

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