Nick & T-bone

Nick & T-bone
Overlook Park, Lancaster, PA

Pets bring so much fun and joy to our lives. A portrait session of or with your dog (or other furry friend) is a great way to immortalize their special place in your heart and life. So, I was thrilled when Nick contacted me about scheduling a portrait session with his 3-year-old corgi, T-bone.

We met at Overlook Park in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, so we could use the unique tree grove space that exists there. The tree grove is perfect any time of year because it has an “evergreen” look to it—despite not having evergreen trees. What I mean is, the tree grove always looks beautiful and inviting even if the rest of the area has a distinct, seasonal look (like colored fall leaves or leafless winter trees). The grove also has a magical, almost fairytale quality to it. It truly morphs itself to fit perfectly for virtually any photoshoot scenario or them. For example, I’ve even used this tree grove for a Halloween “spooky shoot”.

Nick wanted to make sure we also captured some Christmas-themed photos with T-bone. He then used these images to order his own holiday cards through CVS. Many of my clients have done the same. When you purchase a photo session, you receive fully-edited, high-quality digital photo files, which are perfect for ordering prints, cards, and other products through your favorite online services and for posting online to social media profiles!

Thanks, Nick & T-bone!

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