Hingework, Lancaster, PA

Sarah is tough! She’s a full time EMT, mother of two young daughters, and a fire academy student. She arrived at this photoshoot with bruises, scars, and fresh scabs like battle wounds earned through her hard and dedicated work as an EMT helping and saving people in emergency situations. 

I was excited to work with Sarah because I was moved by her story and reasons for wanting to model. She started modeling as a way to overcome her challenges with depression and insecurities about her body. Sarah found herself constantly comparing herself to other women and frustrated with how she looked. It started affecting her relationships and caused her to stop eating and lose significant weight.

What encouraged Sarah to make a change was the realization of the example she was setting for her young daughters who were watching their mother obsess about looks, weight, and starve herself. She joined the fire academy, which helped her get stronger, healthier, and more fit. She addressed her eating disorders and worked with a personal trainer. Now her daughters see the strong, confident woman she has become! They even enjoy exercising with her.

Modeling has also been extremely helpful on her road to recovering. Sarah says modeling makes her feel beautiful, empowered, and confident.

Thank you for sharing your story, Sarah!

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