The Geist Family

The Geist Family
Greenfield Park, Lancaster, PA

Four generations of Geists came together on a beautiful fall morning for family portraits. Donna wanted to capture these special memories of her whole family as a Christmas gift. She told me she already had all her photo frames ready and hanging on her wall. Donna chose an hour long session so we could be sure to have enough time to wrangle young grandkids and, importantly, have time for each family break out into their own photo sessions.

Donna and Julie have five grandkids, and it was important to them to capture portraits on the kids together—and of course with them. The park’s playground was the perfect spot for a playful group photo!

Donna’s two sons, Steve and Sean, couldn’t keep it together when I asked them to kiss their moms cheeks! We also captured some couples portraits of Donna and Julie, as well as portraits of two men that they care for.

Donna’s son Steve has two boys of his own!

And finally, it was Sean’s turn with his family. They are no stranger to my camera. I’m thankful that they have trusted me to take portraits of a lot of life’s milestones for them—maternity photos, their wedding, birthdays, and family portraits.

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