Sanctuary Visit: Lancaster Farm Sanctuary (2019)

Lancaster Farm Sanctuary
Elizabethtown, PA

Animal advocacy is a cause near and dear to my heart, so I had a blast photographing all the beautiful, animal residents of Lancaster Farm Sanctuary on a warm and sunny April afternoon! All the animals I met were happy, lively, and so lovable with big personalities of their own. The Sanctuary, a 501c3 non-profit, provides a safe and loving home for sick, injured, and abandoned animals. Founded in July 2017, they have saved and become the home to goats, ducks, chickens, a turkey, cows, and sheep during just their first two years.

Meet the animal residents of Lancaster Farm Sanctuary below:


This is Rose. She and her babies, JuneBug and Pip, were rescued from neglect and overcrowding the day the babies were born. Mom and babies are very happy in their new home and spend their time with another mom and baby goat named Kim and Beatrice. Isn’t she beautiful?

Baby Goat

Shout out to Pip! This bouncing baby is full of life and love. She is the happiest baby goat I have ever met. Pip was so curiously following me around, climbing on my back while I was crouched taking photos, and giving me cuddles. She is only about one month old and is one of the newest residents at Lancaster Farm Sanctuary. Pip lives with her mother, Rose, and sister, JuneBug.

Baby Goat

JuneBug is Rose’s other baby girl. She can frequently be found right by her mother’s side. June leaves the wild, bouncing baby goat antics to her sister, Pip! 


Meet Kim! She’s a new mama and new resident at Lancaster Farm Sanctuary. This beautiful goat and her beautiful baby Bea (short for Beatrice) are so happy and thriving in their new forever home after being rescued from neglect and over crowding. Kim, as well as her other goat mama friend named Rose, are so sweet and gentle. They have a huge capacity for love and compassion.

Baby Goat

Beatrice (Bea for short) is Kim’s precious one-month-old baby. Look at that smile!

Boer Goat

This handsome goat is Stanley. He is a Boer goat, which is a breed commonly raised for meat. Stanley came to Lancaster Farm Sanctuary with some mobility challenges, but that hasn’t stopped him from living life to the fullest! In fact, his mobility challenges are what saved him from the goat meat farm where he previously lived. He is happy and so sweet, and he enjoys the company of a Pygmy goat, a turkey, and a Plymouth Rock chicken (with many other animal friends nearby and throughout the sanctuary).

Pygmy Goat

Benji came to Lancaster Farm Sanctuary as a very young baby. After recovering from illness and abandonment at just two days old, he is thriving and happy!

Pygmy Goat

Livingston, or Livvie as he is affectionately known as by Lancaster Farm Sanctuary, is a lovely black and white Pygmy goat. He loves his fellow goats at the Sanctuary and shares a pen with Tammy the Turkey and Mary Margaret the Plymouth Rock chicken. It’s great to see multiple species living peacefully together! Livingston was originally purchased at a market to be kept as a pet, but the purchaser quickly realized that their dogs did not appreciate his presence. Fearing their dogs would harm or kill him, Livvie was given to Lancaster Farm Sanctuary to live a peaceful, happy life.

Abby, Patrick, Gertrude
Hair Sheep

Meet Abby (adult, black and white), Patrick (white lamb), and Gertrude (black lamb). They are a happy sheep family at Lancaster Farm Sanctuary. Momma sheep Abby was rescued by the Large Animal Protection Society (LAPS) from a neglectful, homesteading situation during her pregnancy. She then gave birth to Patrick and Gertrude (otherwise known as Gertie) on St. Patrick’s Day! Patrick in particular really seemed to love the camera and always has a smile.


Meet Meris! This gentle soul is adjusting to his new life at Lancaster Farm Sanctuary. Sadly, he suffered abuse and isolation in his old home. It took him some time, but he is growing to trust humans again. Meris has also grown very close to momma sheep Abby and her children, Patrick and Gertrude. He has a happy little family and a new wonderful life!

Bessie and TrueHeart
Jersey Cows

Meet Bessie (brown) and her mother TrueHeart (beige)! They live at Lancaster Farm Sanctuary. They are both Jersey cows that were acquired by their previous owners for milking, but after they had a change of heart about using them as dairy cows, they came to live at the Sanctuary. Bessie and TrueHeart are nearly inseparable and so happy to be living together at Lancaster Farm Sanctuary!

Broad Breasted White Turkey

Santosha is a sweet and gentle turkey. She was saved from a factory farm, which is why her beak is partially cut and her toes are cut down to nubs. An animal advocate asked the farmer to allow one turkey to be spared from butchering around Thanksgiving of 2018. Santosha is that lucky soul. She came to the Sanctuary extremely traumatized and afraid of people, but she has come a long way and often allows people to pet her soft feathers or colorful neck.

Bronze Heritage Turkey

Tammy most likely ran away backyard butcher raising her for their Thanksgiving dinner. She was found in upstate Pennsylvania and made her way to Lancaster Farm Sanctuary through the kindness of some animal advocates. Tammy seems to have a special way of connecting and becoming in tune with the other animals around her at the Sanctuary. She also has a very special bond with Sarah, one of the co-founders of Lancaster Farm Sanctuary. She enjoys following Sarah around and even snuggling up to her leg while Sarah is using power tools! Tammy is a very special turkey! At the time of this shoot (May), Tammy was busy brooding (laying eggs and incubating them). Tammy lays eggs only during this time of year.

Muscovy Duck

Frankie is a male Muscovy duck that was surrendered by his owner. He was originally given as an Easter gifts as a chick. Luckily, the Sanctuary gave him a safe home after his owner could not care for him.

Feathered Friends

Among the many feathered friends at Lancaster Farm Sanctuary are multiple groups of chickens. Many of these birds were saved from the meat and egg industries. Some saved after falling off trucks and others surrendered or abandoned. They are all beautiful though! From Mary Margaret (the boisterous black and white hen), to Patsy and Eddie (beige), and everyone else, all of these birds are special. They are all so fortunate to live out their lives in peace and with loving and caring humans at Lancaster Farm Sanctuary.

Lancaster Farm Sanctuary shared this kind review after our shoot.

“It is a real pleasure to work with Chris when he takes portraits of animals. He came to our farm sanctuary and showed so very much respect for them and talent in his craft of capturing the beauty of our farm animal residents. Thank you Chris!”

Learn more about Lancaster Farm Sanctuary by visiting their website. Donations can be made online via their website.

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