Enzo the Escape Artist Piglet (2019)

Enzo the Escape Artist
Lancaster, PA

Enzo is a spunky pig who was mysteriously found running through the streets of downtown Lancaster one year ago in July of 2017. Her cropped tail suggests that she managed to escape from a livestock truck on her way to another meat farm or to a butchering plant. This amazing feat earned her the loving name of Enzo the Escape Artist by her rescuer, Francesca!

Francesca was on her way to work when she spotted Enzo dodging through traffic. Without hesitation she jumped out of her car and chased Enzo down so she could ensure her safety. After sending a selfie with Enzo to her employer to prove her unbelievable excuse for her tardiness, Francesca brought her to veterinary emergency office where she learned that Enzo, who she thought was a boy, was actually a girl! Regardless, the name Enzo stuck.

Now two years later, Enzo is so happy and healthy! She was a mere 6 pounds when rescued, but is now an estimated 450 pounds at 2 years old. 

Currently, Enzo lives nearby with some fellow rescued pigs and boars (rescued from a trophy hunting situation) and a couple with huge hearts for animals! It’s so great to see Enzo happy, healthy, and with friends! 

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Voted among The Best by the Lancaster community in Lancaster County Magazine‘s Best of Lancaster Awards

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