Best of CCSP: May 2021

Hello! Welcome to a series called “Best of CCSP” that will run each month of 2021. In this series I will showcase my favorite photos from each month. Enjoy!

May was a busy with a lot of really great photoshoots! First of all was Carrie’s maternity session at Herr Park. Just a couple weeks later baby Lily was born!

See the full session here!

Next was Giada’s 1st birthday photoshoot! I met with Giada and her family at the beautiful pond on Millersville University’s campus for these photos. Giada’s brother Hugh was excited to participate too.

Check out Giada’s photos here!

And finally, Lily’s newborn photos! She was just 3 days old here and fresh from the hospital. She posed with her friends Yoda and Chewie.

Check out all the photos here!

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