Sanctuary Visit: Barn Hill Preserve of Delaware

I recently had the opportunity to visit Barn Hill Preserve of Delaware. Read below for more information about the Preserve (and photos!).

Barn Hill Preserve Founders Gabe Ligon and Josh Mueller have a passion for animals and education. They have grown Barn Hill into a thriving haven for exotic animals, conservation initiatives, and educational programs with locations in Delaware and Louisiana.

Barn Hill Preserve of Delaware is home to over 25 species of exotic animals including two-toed sloths, red kangaroos, an aardvark, otters, owls, big cats, reptiles, and more!

They offers many ways to meet and learn about their exotic animal ambassadors, including educational, hands-on tours, Kangaroo Yoga, Otter Swims, Sippin’ with Sloths, Munchin’ with Monkeys, and so many more. All events start with a 45 minute educational presentation featuring some of their awesome animal ambassadors. Visitors also get the opportunity to hold, touch, and get close to many of the Preserve’s residents.

All of Barn Hill’s ambassador animals are rescues. Many of their reptiles and farm animals are owner surrenders, while their more exotic residents are rescued from zoos and were born in captivity. None of these animals could survive on their own in the wild since many are not native to North America and none have lived in the wild. The staff works tirelessly and compassionately to care for and attend to the needs of these beautiful animals.

If you find yourself in the Frankford, Delaware, make sure to check out Barn Hill Preserve! It’s a great opportunity to learn about and support the conservation of exotic animals, and a truly fun and unforgettable experience.

Animal welfare and conservation is a cause near and dear to my heart, and I’ve had the privilege of visiting many animal sanctuaries in the last few years. Check out more blogs (and photos!) of my animal sanctuary visits here.

Learn more and support Barn Hill Preserve of Delaware on their website.

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