Bekah (Series 1)

Downtown Lancaster, PA

This shoot will definitely go down as one of my all time favorites. I met Bekah in Downtown Lancaster on a Saturday evening. Our goal was to capture golden hour and sunset photos. This was a first for me, and the end result turned out to be fantastic. Bekah and I both entered the shoot with a spirit of exploration and collaboration. We were both wanting to try new things and create images unlike ones we’ve each created before. We did a little tour of the city with several wardrobe changes to capture a number of different looks and vibes.

Among our first discoveries was this striking yellow garage door in an alley. We knew it would be the great spot for edgy shots with some attitude! I absolutely love this set of images. Beyond Bekah’s incredible poses, the mix of colors between her outfit and the background is perfect!

A quick wardrobe change, bricks, and some ivy allowed for the next set of images—classic beauty and sultry vibes! You can see the golden hour light starting to peek in here.

After the ivy, came stairs and another new wardrobe. We again experimented with creating something a little edgier. We wanted to go beyond the typical poses. I love the urban vibe this location provided.

I’m not sure why I waited so long to capture sunset portraits! These images from the top of one of Lancaster’s favorite parking garage are classic. The golden light of a sunset is a wonderful thing!

Bekah and I ended our shoot with gorgeous twilight images—another first for me. We captured some truly stunning portraits. This photoshoot was a huge success, and I am so thankful for all the love and support these images have garnered through social media. Thank you, Bekah!

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