Carrie [2021]

Chris Corrao: Stories & Portraits Studio, Lancaster, PA

When it comes to headshots, there are a lot of options. A headshot portrait could be environmental—meaning taken in a place so that the background reflects something meaningful for context. For example, a chef may seek to have an environmental headshot portrait captured in the dining room of his or her restaurant. A professor may like to have his or her headshot captured in a classroom or on the school campus. Headshots can also have a natural background with less specificity—outside with nice greenery or in a urban setting with brick buildings.

Those seeking headshots that are both professional and versatile, might opt for a studio setting with professional lighting and a neutral muslin or paper backdrop. Headshots like these are a great option for those who want a clean, contemporary portrait that won’t date or go out of style quickly. Photos like these are also easy to use in a wide variety of places at the same time because they background is not specific. Use them on your LinkedIn profile, social media accounts, resume, presentations, and more! 

A professionally photographed headshot portrait is a great way to put your best foot forward. Don’t get caught sending a grainy cell phone photo or cropping your friends out of a snapshot when you’re asked to provide a photo for a professional engagement!

Chris Corrao: Stories & Portraits offers professional lighting and backdrops for your headshot portrait session. You can choose to travel to the CCSP studio in Lancaster, PA, or lighting and back drops can be brought to your location!

Bonus Photo: Carrie was pregnant during this session, so of course we needed to photograph the bump!

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