Laura [Series 1]

Prince Street Garage, Lancaster, PA

Laura and I met on a cold snowy day for winter portraits. The top floor of Price Street Garage made for a great playground for us to explore because it offered unique views of the city and creative architecture. The garage is locally famous for it’s spiraling exit ramp that delivers a striking accent to the cityscape. We were sure to use this feature to our advantage while we were there! A pop of a bright yellow wall also provided a great backdrop for us.

Simple wardrobes changes can add a lot of variety to a portrait session, especially when the entire session takes place in a single location which limited views. This can be achieved easily by changing a jacket or adding accessories like scarves, hats, and gloves.

Before leaving the garage and ending the session, we experimented with taking some portraits inside the garage. The repeating lines of concrete from the floor above added a lot of depth and perspective to the photos. Luckily, there were no cars around to break up the vast, open space!

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