Laura H [2022]

Laura H
Wildflower Lookout, Ronks, PA

Laura wanted a fun solo portrait session in which she could reconnect with nature. The Wildflower Lookout in Ronks, PA was the perfect spot for this. A hidden gem in the country side of Lancaster County, PA, the Wildflower Lookout provides 4 acres of absolute beauty. Flowers bloom in all their splendor and glory. Bees and other pollinating insects thrive in this field of colors. The Lookout lives on Pleasant Paradise Farm, an organic farm that does not use any sort of chemicals or pesticides. The Wildflower Lookout is open to the public for a small fee and is available for rentals. For the photo session, Laura styled her wardrobe for boho, vintage vibes, which fit the setting perfectly. And, an end-of-shoot thunderstorm added a dramatic twist.

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Voted among The Best by the Lancaster community in Lancaster County Magazine‘s Best of Lancaster Awards