Rev. Dr. Heather Vacek

Rev. Dr. Heather Vacek
Vice President/Dean, Moravian Theological Seminary and Lancaster Theological Seminary

Lancaster Theological Seminary, Lancaster, PA

Heather joined Moravian Theological Seminary and Lancaster Theological Seminary as VP/Dean in the summer of 2021. She relishes walking alongside students, staff, and faculty as they discern their individual and collective vocations in service of God’s work in the world. Heather is ordained in the Moravian Church and is honored to lead the work of theological education at Moravian Theological Seminary and Lancaster Theological Seminary.

Through her research and teaching, Heather seeks to offer insight about the past that will shape faithful responses in the present and future. Her research focuses on the historical relationship between Christian belief and practice, particularly around interpretations of suffering in the American context. Her book, Madness: American Protestant Responses to Mental Illness, explores reactions to mental illnesses from the colonial era through the 21st century.

Before serving at Moravian and Lancaster seminaries, Heather spent nine years at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, first as a faculty member and then as vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty.

When not tending to the work of theological education, Heather loves cooking, reading fiction, and especially being in the woods running trails or hiking.

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