Laura H.

Laura H.
Lancaster, PA

Laura and I met an hour before sunset on a warm Saturday evening in March. Laura has long wanted to stroll through the city to capture portraits, so we set out to do just that! Laura, a thrifting enthusiast, came prepare in a cool vintage outfit with a classy vibe. We started out on Chestnut St. without any specific destinations in mind. We just wanted to see we’d discover.

After our first spot we continued on Chestnut Street and came across a beautiful and detailed set of doors with a vintage flair and color perfect for setting off Laura’s outfit. We didn’t pass up the opportunity to capture more portraits!

As we continued and the sun got lower, we found a perfect spot for some classic golden hour portraits with the setting sun bursting in the background.

Bicycle art behind the Modern Art gallery gave us more unique shots.

We finished the shoot in front of Stan’s Record Bar—a classic Lancaster spot on the main stretch of Prince St. The shop was another perfect fit for Laura’s vintage outfit and the vintage vibe we were striving for with this shoot.

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Voted among The Best by the Lancaster community in Lancaster County Magazine‘s Best of Lancaster Awards

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