Meg (Series 2)

Meg (Series 2)
Buchmiller Park, Lancaster, PA

I love when clients and models bring their own personality to a shoot! Meg and I didn’t have much planned other than to capture portraits in a nature setting. So, I watched in awe as she performed beautiful ceremonies in the stillness and quiet of the woods. I felt calm, creative, and at peace as Meg performed a spiritual cleansing and then watched with excitement and curiosity as she read her tarot cards.

Thank you, Meg, for sharing your knowledge and talents with me! I appreciate your collaboration and bringing so much of yourself to this shoot.

After delivering the final photos, Meg had these kind words to say:

“Chris Corrao: Stories & Portraits allows you to experiment with portraying who you are internally while he works on capturing the experience authentically and beautifully through his lens.”

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Voted among The Best by the Lancaster community in Lancaster County Magazine‘s Best of Lancaster Awards

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