Oscar, Sébastien, and Sophia

Oscar, Sébastien, and Sophia
Lancaster, PA

Oscar, Sébastien, and Sophia are three happy kitties living in Lancaster, PA. Oscar (above) is a senior cat. Due to health issues, it was important to his humans that he have the opportunity to have his portrait taken. To accommodate Oscar’s health, I was able to travel to the family’s home with a backdrop and lighting for the photoshoot. Oscar is very gentle and sat comfortably in his plush bed during the shoot—followed by some tasty treats.

Sébastien is the younger brother. In true orange cat fashion he is a very energetic, playful, and gregarious kitty! His bouncy personality made it more challenging to get his portrait, but his true colors and personality shines in these portraits. He was enticed with a favorite toy and showed his belly for rubs.

Sophia is the boy’s quiet sister. This black kitty is sleek and sauntered through the room during her brother’s portraits. When it was her turn in front of the camera, she immediately struck a regal pose with a hooked tail. She then laid down confidently for some beautiful portraits!

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