Riddle with Roxanne + Anthony
The Garden of Five Senses, Lancaster, PA

This handsome greyhound is Riddle. He was a racing dog for the first couple years of his life, but is now eight-years-old and living a wonderful, relaxing life with two very caring people. Riddle—short for his ex-racing name ‘Riddle Me This’—was rescued by a non-profit group specializing in finding home for greyhounds.

Riddle is loved by his ‘humans’ Roxanne and Anthony. It was Anthony who reached out to me about capturing portraits of Riddle—a long-time dream of Roxanne. He purchased a Pet Portrait session as a surprise birthday gift for Roxanne, and she was thrilled! I am told he won a lot of boyfriend points for that!

It was such a pleasure meeting and working with all three of them! Riddle has a very sweet disposition and we got along immediately. What a handsome pup!

I also learned some amazing facts about greyhounds from Roxanne and Anthony during the shoot. Did you know…

  • Greyhounds can run as fast as 45 mph
  • While it’s possible to train a greyhound to sit, it is essentially physically impossible for them because of their body and muscle structure. Basically, greyhounds can only stand or lay down.
  • Greyhounds can be traced back to ancient Egypt—3,000 B.C.

Thanks Riddle, Roxanne, and Anthony!

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