Russo Family Reunion

The Russo Family
Levittown, NY

Over the holidays my family and I traveled to New York to visit family as we have many times before. My grandparents have a tradition of hosting the whole family in their home where we enjoy laughs, the retelling of old stories, and copious amounts of food. My Italian family is always worried there won’t be enough food for everyone, so they solve that problem by preparing enough food for an army only too be shocked that more than half of it still remains after everyone has left.

One thing was different this year. The party grew to be much bigger than normal as more and more cousins joined in. A reunion of sorts developed as children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of my grandfather and his four siblings came together to celebrate. Many of us had not met or had not seen each other in many years, so of course we had to capture some family photos! Good thing I had my camera along!

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