The Hinkle Family

The Hinkle Family
Overlook Park, Lancaster, PA

The Hinkles contacted me for a Family Portrait Session after sadly learning that their beloved dog Benzy has cancer. They wanted to make sure they had the opportunity to capture keepsake photos with him to cherish and keep his memory alive forever. While I wish we met under better circumstances, I was happy to do everything in my power to make sure we captured the moment and beautiful portraits. The Hinkles drove from Lebanon to meet me at Overlook Park since they really appreciated my photography. I was flattered!

The family came prepared with poses in mind like kisses for Benzy from mom and dad and Benzy digging in Jonathon’s boot—a favorite of Benzy’s! We also took portraits of each family member with Benzy, and of course, the whole family together. After everything else, it was Benzy’s time to shine with portraits of his own!

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