Beach Daze

Beach Daze

I got away to the beach. It was a great break. How could it not be? Every year my family takes a trip to Dewey Beach, and this year I went armed only with instant cameras. I decided to take a break from my big digital rig and go old school.

I love the town of Dewey because it still feels like a hidden gem. While it’s getting more popular and there is more new development, it’s still a bit like a diamond in a rough with a ton of charm in its old buildings and long-living restaurants and businesses. We hit all our same favorite spots every year.

I took some early morning strolls through the town with my Fuji Instax and Polaroid OneStep+ to have some fun. It was freeing to use analog equipment and give up control of the shots. With instant cameras, you kind of get what you get. While you can make adjustments and aim for the ideal circumstances to improve the shot, these cameras are not precise instruments by any stretch of the imagination. And on top of that, there’s not opportunity to edit the result.

I love that Polaroids don’t even feel out of place in Dewey. The town just feels vintage. The photos above could have been taken 30 years ago and they’d still look the same!

Until next year, Dewey!

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