Best of CCSP: August 2021

Hello! Welcome to a series called “Best of CCSP” that will run each month of 2021. In this series I will showcase my favorite photos from each month. Enjoy!

August was another great month full of photoshoots. This little man (Hugh) turned 5! To celebrate, his family had me take his annual birthday photos. This year we did the session at Masonic Village in Elizabethtown, PA. Hugh wore his Bluey tee shirt as it’s his favorite show right now.

Check out the photoshoot here.

Lily turned 3 months old! I couldn’t help but to feature here again in this month’s ‘Best of’ post, because, seriously, look at that face!

Check out the photos here.

Lancaster Theological Seminary invited me to their convocation ceremony held in their Santee Chapel. This was their 197th annual convocation to welcome the newest students to the Seminary.

Check out the full event coverage here.

Finally, to round out the month of August, I had the privilege of capturing new professional headshots for the Rhonda Myers, LPC team in Elizabethtown, PA. Rhonda and Amy were a joy to work with and welcomed me into their beautiful offices for the photoshoot.

See the photos and learn more about Rhonda Myers, LPC here.

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