Original Art for Sale at The Framery

Rooftops, Photo size: 7″ x 10″ | Frame size: 11″ x 14″
Central Market No.3, Photo size: 7″ x 10″ | Frame size: 11″ x 14

I’m excited to share that starting today, two of my original photographs are available for sale at The Framery, Etc. in Lancaster, PA. Both prints are for sale framed and ready to hang as pictured above, so there’s no fuss or extra costs. Simply bring them home and hang them up!

Visit The Framery, Etc. at 1912 Fruitville Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601. In addition to my photographs you’ll find a number of hand made items by local artists, a great selection of cards and gifts, and a wonderful team of people ready to assist you with your framing needs. Learn more about The Framery, Etc. on their website.

Check out the photoshoot I did for The Framery, Etc. here!

Remember This Level

I love the overlooked. Sometimes the best shot is where you’d least expect it and of something seemingly rather mundane and insignificant.

After finishing a photoshoot, I returned to Prince Street Garage for my car. Upon reaching level 7 from the stairs, this view caught my eye. I love the vibrant yellow paint and the beautiful light that creates a natural vignette around the photo.

To me, this shot is filled with emotion and stories, and I love photos that cause the viewer to pause and take in details that would otherwise be overlooked. While the industrial, concrete façade of a parking garage may not seem that interesting, it’s fun to take the time to look at the structure, materials, and utilitarian design. It’s amazing to think about the enormity of the structure and weight of tons and tons of brick, concrete, and metal and marvel at the fact that humans created all of those individual pieces and found a way to create a massive building from them… which houses hundreds of cars… and then you think about how crazy it is that we have cars…


On my way to a photoshoot in Palmyra, PA I came across this beautiful 1960s Pontiac Catalina bombed out and buried in the snow. I literally pulled over on the side of the road to jump out for the chance to photograph it. (Don’t worry, it was a quiet country road.)

I always get excited when I see a vintage car. Even though I’m 90s kid, I have a lot of love for vintage cars and the nostalgic feeling they bring to many. This is likely in part to the fact that I grew up attending car shows with my dad. We also built tons of 1:24 scale plastic model cars together. And, I’d always help him work on the family cars… most likely poorly holding the flashlight while he did the real work. But, hey, I would lubricate the new oil filter with my pointer finger and a dab of fresh oil for him!)

Cars from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, have such great style. It seems that every car from that era was built as a work of art and the family car was something to be proud of. So, I’ll never not get excited when encounter a classic—even one that’s rusting out.