On my way to a photoshoot in Palmyra, PA I came across this beautiful 1960s Pontiac Catalina bombed out and buried in the snow. I literally pulled over on the side of the road to jump out for the chance to photograph it. (Don’t worry, it was a quiet country road.)

I always get excited when I see a vintage car. Even though I’m 90s kid, I have a lot of love for vintage cars and the nostalgic feeling they bring to many. This is likely in part to the fact that I grew up attending car shows with my dad. We also built tons of 1:24 scale plastic model cars together. And, I’d always help him work on the family cars… most likely poorly holding the flashlight while he did the real work. But, hey, I would lubricate the new oil filter with my pointer finger and a dab of fresh oil for him!)

Cars from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, have such great style. It seems that every car from that era was built as a work of art and the family car was something to be proud of. So, I’ll never not get excited when encounter a classic—even one that’s rusting out.

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