Best of CCSP: February 2021

Hello! Welcome to a series called “Best of CCSP” that will run each month of 2021. In this series I will showcase my favorite photos from each month. Enjoy!

This month I was lucky to meet the wonderful Laura. Laura is a talented model in the Lancaster area. We got together to collaborate on some fun winter portraits.

Check out Laura’s full shoot here!

In February, I also had the pleasure of creating some sharp product images for Eastwood Guitars. This project allowed me to combined several of my passions, and I am really excited by the results.

Check out all of these slick guitar photos here!

Last, but certainly not least, for February was a shoot with Ashlyn at Hingework Studio in Lancaster, PA. In a previous life, Ashlyn was a professional basketball player. She’s now making a career in modeling.

Check out the full shoot here!

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